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MALIENA CUP 2016 (Bullettin 1)



Korneti, Veclaicene parish, Aluksne district




The Orienteering Club ‘Aluksne-Ape’ kindly invites all orienteers to XXXV International Orienteering competition THE MALIENA CUP that will take place near the Latvia-Estonia border. The location of this anniversary competition is the Veclaicene parish, one of the most pictorial Latvia’s parishes, located in the mountainous part of the Aluksne highland. The participants will have the opportunity to spend each competition day in different surroundings – the first day near the beautiful Druski mound, but the second day next to one of the biggest lakes of the Korneti-Pelli ravine – Raipals.


On these days Aluksne also hosts the Latvian Bike Orienteering Championship and the Latvian Cup in Trail Orienteering. In your free time enjoy the vivid leisure opportunities both in Korneti and

See you at the start!


Saturday, August, 20th, 1 PM, Korneti                   Middle distance

Sunday, August, 21st, 11 AM, the Raipals lake          Long distance (pursuit)

                         2 PM, the Raipals lake         Award ceremony


The Orienteering Club ‘Aluksne-Ape’, the Latvian Orienteering Federation, the municipality of Aluksne district.

The main judge and planner of distances - Vilnis VELKERIS;

Secretary - Iveta VELKERE; IT – Normunds BERZINS; the distance service – Maris VABULNIEKS;

The senior judge at the start - Igors KRUMINS; the controller – Siksten  SILD (Estonia).


On the 1st day the competition takes place ~ 30 km from Aluksne, in Korneti. Marking from A2 highway (Riga-Veclaicene) ~ 2,5 km.

On the 2nd day the competition takes place ~ 30 km from Aluksne on the shore of the Raipals lake. Marking starts from A2 highway (Riga-Veclaicene) – 3 km before the former Veclaicene-Murati border crossing point.



The competition is open for all orienteers. The participants can choose the group of age and physical preparedness and participate in the distances of the respective level of difficulity.

The participants take part in the competition on their own, being aware of all risks and being responsible of their own health and safety. The medical help will be available at the competition centre providing the first aid if necessary.

Men Day 1 Day 2 Women Day 1 Day 2
ME 6,2 km 13,0 km WE 5,0  km 8,5  km
M 21A 5,5 km 9,5 km W 21A 4,0  km 6,0  km
M 21B 4,0 km 6,5 km W 21B 3,5  km 4,5  km
M 20 4,0 km 9,5 km W 20 3,5  km 6,0  km
M 18 3,8 km 8,0 km W 18 3,5  km 5,5  km
M 16 3,5 km 6,2 km W 16 3,5  km 4,5  km
M 14 3,0 km 4,5 km W 14 3,0  km 3,5  km
M 12 2,2 km 2,5 km W 12 2,2  km 2,5  km
M 10 * 1,5 km 1,8 km W 10 * 1,5 km 1,8  km
M 8 * 1,5 km 1,8 km W 8 * 1,5 km 1,8  km
M 35 5,5 km 8,5 km W 35 4,0  km 6,0  km
M 40 4,8 km 8,0 km W 40 3,8  km 5,0  km
M 45 4,4 km 7,5 km W 45 3,8  km 4,5  km
M 50 4,4 km 7,0 km W 50 3,5  km 4,5  km
M 55 3,8 km 6,0 km W 55 3,3  km 4,0  km
M 60 3,5 km 5,5 km W 60 3,3  km 4,0  km
M 65 3,5 km 4,5  km W 65 3,0  km 3,5  km
M 70 2,7 km 4,0  km W 70 2,7  km 3,5  km
M 75 2,7 km 3,5  km W 75 2,7  km 3,0  km
M 80 2,7 km 3,0  km W 80 2,7  km 3,0  km
OPEN 1 4,5 km 6,5 km OPEN2 2,5 km 4,0  km

 MW8 * and MW10 * - marked distance, KP on the label. Registering till 16.08


1st day – all groups use a 1:10 000 scale map, contours in every 5 m.

The terrain is mostly mountainous with steep slopes on the shores of lakes, lots of open and well-running territories, interchanged with small forest areas. Irregular and unspecific network of roads and paths. Many groups will also need to cross a small intensity traffic road. Runnability from medium to good (at some points – bad). The dangerous spots – very steep and lumbered slopes, electric shepherds are placed near some open territories.

2nd day – groups  MW16, 18, 20, 21E,A and 35 use a 1: 15 000 scale map, other groups use a 1: 10 000 scale map, contours in every 5 m.

The competition takes place near the location of the 1st day competition, in the territory of Pelli-Korneti ravine, near the Raipals lake. Mostly mixed forests, glades of various age, runnability from good to medium. Expressive relief forms with steep slopes and swamps of various size and form.

The author of the maps Vilnis Velkeris


SPORTident (SI) electronic punching system will be used for all groups.


1st day – the start is 1 km from the competition arena

The participants start based on the results of the draw, excluding groups MW8 -10 where participants start in their own convenient time from 1-2.30 PM.

   The order:

-3 minutes before the start the participant registers, showing his/hers SI card number to the judge;

-2 minutes before the start the participant takes additional legends;

-1 minute before the start the participant stands on the starting line and after the signal takes a map from a basket of his/hers respective group. The participant is responsible for taking the correct map.  

2nd day – the start is 900 m from the competition arena, maximal height difference of 35 m.

All groups (excluding MW8-10) and the participants whose 1st day result is no worse than +20 minutes to the winner take part in the pursuit competition. The remaining participants start in every 30 seconds in the order how they’ve finished on the 1st day. MW8-10: free start from 11-12am. If the participant joins the competition only on the 2nd day he/she starts with the remaining participants and follows the respective start order.


When entering the competition the participant needs to sumbit the following information: name, surname, group, club, number of the LOF Orienteering data base, number of the personal SI card.

Deadline to enter: August, 15th, 11.59 PM.

  • ONLINE registration:
  • The E group winners of the 2015 competition Rolands BLUMBEKS (Mežmalas OK) and Ekaterina NIKITINA (SKO " RUS" Pskov) are invited to join the competition without the participation fee.

Participation fee for 2 competition days:

MW 8-10                                 4,-EUR

MW 12 - 14                             6,- EUR

MW 16, 18, 20, 60+              12,-EUR

MW 21 - 55                            18,-EUR

  • OPEN (without prior registration) to MW 20 and 60 < 4,-EUR, other groups - 6,-EUR  per one competition day.
  • SI card rent - 1,- EUR per one competition day
  • The entry fee after the deadline, August 15th: the fee + 50%, if any free spots are available.
  • A submitted entry without a paid participation fee is considered as a guarantee that the fee will be paid at the competition centre.
  • Participants who’ve submitted an entry but have not participated in the competition need to pay 50% of the participation fee to the hosts.
  • The car pass - 2,- EUR, the bus pass 4,- EUR, the microbus pass (up to 10 people) 3,- EUR.


The 1-3rd place holders of the 2-day overall standings will be awarded with medals, but group winners – with prizes. In MWE groups the 1-6th place holders will be awarded, 1-3rd place holders receive money prizes and winners get the MALIENA CUP. The winner of the men elite group receives a travelling cup.

All participants of the MW8 group receive prizes from the hosts.


A full list of accommodation available:  

For the needs of the participants the accommodation is reserved at the dorm and sport hall of the E. Gliks State Gymnasium of Aluksne. No bedding accessories provided. More information: GSM +371 26137510. The participants can also order dinner (3,- EUR) and breakfast (2,- EUR).

The participants preferring a tent place can book one at the competition centre of the 2nd day, the cost per tent: 3,-EUR.

A buffet, as well as sports’ inventory trading spots, will be open at the championship centre.



The main judge - GSM +371 29273114; Questions related to registration: send to or call +371 28353980.


Orientēšanās klubs „Alūksne”

Reg.Nr.: 40008059032

L.Ezera 24a, Alūksne, LV 4301

LV11 HABA 0551 0345 9254 1

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